Escorts in Oakland / East Bay

What Are the Benefits of Using an Escort Directory in Oakland/East Bay?

Technology and innovation make it much easier to get what you want in today’s fast-paced world. Though you can chat online all day long, the human touch is still important. If you don’t have close friends or family members, it’s easy to feel lonely. However, using an escort directory is highly beneficial.
Those in Oakland/East Bay will enjoy using EscortsAffair. Our platform allows escorts to create their own ads, tempting you with emojis and specific words. You simply browse the selection and find one you like.
There are many benefits of using an escort directory like ours. These include:

Professional Services

Escorts are in the customer service business. On EscortsAffair, they are independent contractors, so they make up their own hours and choose which experiences to offer. Luckily, you can browse through multiple pages to find the right professional companion for your needs.

Great Company

Everyone needs company sometimes because it’s a lonely world. Whether you’re between girlfriends or don’t have time to go slow when meeting someone, escorts are trained to make you happy and engage with you. Therefore, you’ll feel wanted and appreciated.


Most people don’t want to announce to the world that they’ve hired an escort. Though there is nothing to be ashamed of, these professional companions understand that they must be discreet.
Ultimately, you will contact your preferred escort personally and discuss payment and requirements. During this time, it’s wise to focus on how you want the professional to act. For example, consider asking them to pretend you two have been a couple for a year.
Since we don’t take any personal information from you, it’s easier to stay anonymous. Your friends and family members won’t accidentally see a charge from EscortsAffair. However, you will have to discuss payment with the escort. They may ask for cash or allow you to use a credit card. Be careful if you choose the latter option.

Value for Money

Independent escorts, like the ones found here, often charge a little less than agencies. They work for themselves and can keep prices lower. Therefore, you can find the perfect companion for the night without spending too much money.
We do not train or check the escorts. Overall, you should discuss your needs and make sure the professional can accommodate them before booking their services.

No Commitments

Though there’s nothing wrong with committing to a long-term relationship, it takes a lot of work and can be expensive. You must put in the money and time to show that you’re ready to be a couple. If you’re not at that stage in your life, don’t worry about it.
Hiring an escort allows you to get the girlfriend experience without all the hassle. In a sense, you won’t be tied down to one woman and can still “play the field” as often as you want.
However, you can use escort services to understand how relationships work. For example, you might find yourself requesting the same professional many times a month. This indicates that you could be ready to search for love from someone you don’t pay.

FAQs About Hiring Escorts

Can I Search for Escorts in Other Cities or States?

It’s possible to search for escorts in other states and cities, so we recommend bookmarking our website to use while on the go. There is a long list of options, so click on your location and start browsing.

Do I Have to Pay to Use EscortsAffair?

No, you will not pay for a membership to EscortsAffair. Just browse the advertisements, find someone you like, and work out a payment arrangement with the escort personally.

Is It Safe to Use EscortsAffair to Find Escorts?

We’ve set up a reputable and secure website, allowing escorts to post personal ads. However, you must research the professionals yourself and use discretion when hiring them.
Generally, we recommend paying in cash to avoid a credit card charge that someone might see. Likewise, you may want to meet in a public place first to ensure the person you hired is the one who shows up.

Final Thoughts – The Advantages of Using Escorts

Finding an escort in Oakland/East Bay isn’t difficult when you use EscortsAffair. We make it easy to enjoy companionship without the expense and hassle of a relationship. Check out the local ads and choose someone you like. There are hundreds of profiles, allowing you to pick your favorite.